5 Questions To Ask a Realtor

How To Find A Real Estate Agent Finding the right real estate agent or realtor can be an overwhelming task....

How to Find a Realtor Near You

Grandpappy told me to “find a Realtor” Most people would consider the sale or purchase of a house ...


Rick Sheppard

January 23, 2019

Think You Should FSBO? 5 Reasons to Think Again!

In today’s market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider trying to s...

Rick Sheppard

December 6, 2018

Hey Boomer – Selling your home? Do these 3 things first

  While the real estate industry is wringing their collective hands over how to attract millennials to th...

Rick Sheppard

April 27, 2017

Hooray for the FHA!

  In case you missed it, last summer Congress passed H.R. 3700, The Housing Opportunity Through Moderniza...

Rick Sheppard

January 17, 2017

2017 Real Estate Trends: What the Experts are Saying

Just like in past years there’s a lot of talk about real estate projections in the coming year.  If yo...

Rick Sheppard

January 9, 2017


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