Short Sale Homes PA

What you need to know about a short sale homes in PA? Your mortgage loan modification was just denied by...

Zestimates by Zillow – How Accurate are They?

Many times when I’m meeting with a homeowner who is considering selling their home the subject of zestim...


Rick Sheppard

December 1, 2021

Negotiating an Offer on Your Home for Sale By Owner

When selling a home for sale by owner, you’ll need to know how to sell your house without a realtor...

Rick Sheppard

November 7, 2021

Think You Should FSBO? 5 Reasons to Think Again!

In today’s market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider trying to s...

Rick Sheppard

August 17, 2021

The Key Factors For Choosing A Storage Facility

Every now and again you’ll come across things around the house that you never use but you can’t throw away...

Rick Sheppard

April 24, 2021

Thinking of Selling your Home? The time to jump is NOW!

Yes, the economy is in the midst of a bit of a crisis, and for obvious reasons. There is, however,...

Rick Sheppard

February 17, 2021


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