Finding your Perfect Home before it hits the market

Rick Sheppard
Published on April 3, 2022

Finding your Perfect Home before it hits the market

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home in this market, I’m going to show you how homebuyers are able to get their offers accepted on homes in all areas of the country because they’re beating everyone else to pre-market properties. These are unlisted homes that nobody else knows about yet. I’m sure you can imagine waiting until a home is publicly listed limits your chances of success. Most homes on the public market end up receiving multiple offers and bidding wars drive prices up. You win only if you’re willing to pay more than anyone else thinks the home is worth. And keep in mind that when you’re in a bidding war, if you have a home that you need to sell first or even if you’re just getting a mortgage to buy a home, you likely won’t win because there’s too many other, stronger offers out there.

So the best chance that you have to get directly with an owner is before their home hits the open market. Now this is some insider information because very few real estate agents know this process and understand the techniques necessary for success – what I call The Perfect Home Finder Program.

With this program, prices don’t become overinflated by bidding wars between multiple buyers. Owners will take a buyer that is using a mortgage contingency. They’ll even accept offers that require a buyer’s home to be sold first. They’re usually fine with that as well because it’s a meeting of the minds – it works for their situation and your situation. And again, it’s a very clean offer. You’re not fighting for the property with multiple offers.

There’s no photos or an internet link that they can send you. It’s truly a pre-market property. People that are going through life changes and want to sell their home fast and easy. Imagine people that just got married, or people that just got divorced. Maybe they had a birth in the family or a death in the family flexibility of sale matters in todays market. New job or got laid off all of these things mean they might need to sell their home and want to do it the fast and easy way. And that’s how you can find your perfect pre market home.

A great target marketing specialist can do that for you. And they’ll do it at no charge because they are real estate agents and of course they get a normal commission from a homeowner anytime a property is sold. In turn, you get the perfect house for your needs in the perfect location with the perfect amenities at the perfect price, and you never have to compete for the home.

Now you don’t really want to work with a typical real estate agent because most of them are just looking up listed homes on the MLS and frankly, you can do that on your own. That usually just ends in a bidding war and you lose out or you have to give away all of your rights. You don’t want an appraisal you don’t want financing. You don’t want an inspection. That’s the only way to win when you’re playing that game.

It’s better to have an agent that offers what we often refer to as the perfect home finder program where they can get you access to pre market or unlisted homes and you’re the only one that knows they’re for sale.

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