Need To Sell Your House?

Rick Sheppard
Published on June 1, 2019

Need To Sell Your House?

So you’ve determined you need to sell your house.  Great!  Let’s get started!  If you’re looking to sell your house fast then you want to price your home just under market price.  What exactly is “just under market price”?  Under market is a price that is less then the similar homes in your area that are actively on the market and/or have recently sold.  Most real estate agents should be willing to provide you with a list of homes similar in size, style and condition in your area.  So what’s considered your area?  Start with the same development, school district, and zip code and go from there.

Next, does your home need work?

Many homeowner’s feel if their home is neat and clean it doesn’t need work.  The truth is if you’ve not updated your home in the last 10-15 years then your home will likely need work as per today’s standard.  Even minor repairs and upgrades can help to get your home sold more quickly and for a higher price.  An experienced agent will know what upgrades to recommend.  If no upgrades are completed then your home will need to be priced accordingly to attract buyers.

So just how quickly do you need to sell your home?

If you want to sell your home within 30 days, you are looking for a cash buyer.  And be aware: buyers with cash are naturally looking for discounts when buying a home.  You’ve heard the expression “Cash is King?”  This is so true in the real estate market.  Selling your home to a cash buyer means you’re not dealing with a mortgage company’s underwriting guidelines which can often delay and even derail a transaction.  If you have more time to sell your home then selling it to the highest bidder is in your best interest.  In these cases the buyer will likely need a mortgage, which is ok.  Again, make sure you are working with an experienced agent – an agent who will review the offer and confirm the buyer’s financial ability to buy, and close, on your home.  This is an important step that many agents miss today and can result in the transaction falling apart, costing you, the seller, time, money and aggravation.

Under contract. 

Once your home is under contract with a buyer you now have the inspections to deal with unless the buyer waived the inspections.  A home inspector’s job is to find problems with a house.  Many sales have been lost due to the results of the home inspection, making a waived inspection valuable to a seller.  Only you, the seller, determines how valuable.  Again, make sure you’re working with an experienced agent.  An experienced agent is very good at negotiating through the inspections and for that matter, any other transaction issues that may arise.

What’s your level of motivation? 

This is very important – you need to decide what is your level of motivation to sell.  Would you “like to” sell?  Or “must” you sell?  The sooner you figure this out the sooner you can get started on getting your home sold.

I’ve been a realtor for more than 31 years and can help you get your home marketed, sold, negotiated, and closed – to your satisfaction and with minimal stress.  But don’t take my word for it.  I have numerous reviews from previous clients happy they hired me to sell their homes.  My wife, Ginny, works with me full time and handles the marketing for me and my clients.  Meet with us today and let us share with you all we do for our seller clients using Facebook, websites, Instagram, etc.  A two for the price of one bargain!

Rick Sheppard, RE/MAX Achievers, Inc.

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