Why I love being a Real Estate Agent

Rick Sheppard
Published on December 3, 2021

Why I love being a Real Estate Agent

By: Rick Sheppard

We’ve all heard the expression “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Mark Twain is credited with the quote and I think we can all agree, it’s as spot on today as it was in his day – well over 100 years ago.  I suspect it really hits home for anyone who gets up every day and trudges off to a job that they do not enjoy doing. 

I’m one of the lucky ones, though – I don’t have to work.  No, I’m not a trust fund kid.  And no, I have not hit a multi-million-dollar lottery.  Yes, I have bills to pay.  And yes, I need to earn an income.  But I enjoy my job as a real estate agent – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  I simply don’t see my activities as work, making me a living example of what Twain was referring to.

Why I love being a real estate agent:

  1. I’m the master of my own destiny – my success or failure depends, for the most part, on me – my actions and inactions.  And I get to pat myself on the back or learn from my mistakes accordingly.  Is there stress?  Sure.  But my 40 hour/week, paycheck on Friday friends talk about stress all the time.  We all have stress.  But I control mine, it doesn’t control me.
  2. Helping people.  Ok, we all learn on the first day of real estate school to say that – it just sounds good.  But it’s also cliché… and vague.  One person’s “appreciated help” can be another’s “annoying meddling”.  I’ve learned not to assume.  When I meet with a prospective client, or if I’m just speaking with someone about real estate, I work hard at listening.  I ask a few questions, then listen some more.  Real estate is intertwined with people’s finances and personal life.  It’s where they and their family eat, sleep and make memories – very personal stuff.  And everyone can use some help with this kind of personal stuff now and then.  That’s where I come in, but it’s important that I’ve first learned exactly what it is they need help with.  Then I roll up my sleeves, figure out a way to provide that help, and get to it.  And I’ve been blessed with many client testimonials thanking me for my help.              
  3. Unlimited income potential, at least theoretically.  If you’re a paycheck on Friday employee – white collar or blue collar – your check doesn’t change throughout the year.  Sure, you might have had some overtime in a given week.  Or you might have received some sort of year-end bonus in December.  But for the most part, if you earn $30/hour and you work 40 hours/week, your weekly gross paycheck will be $1200.  You might have worked especially hard that week, or you might have slacked off some, but your paycheck will be $1200.  

As a commission real estate agent, my income is never certain.  I don’t always get a paycheck on Friday.  And when I do receive a check, the amount varies depending on my recent production.  Less production means less income. More production means more income.  My potential, at least theoretically, is unlimited.   

  • Freedom with my work schedule.  My paycheck on Friday friends have a set schedule.  It might be the 3rd shift – 11PM to 7AM, Sunday night through Thursday night.  It might be banker’s hours – 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.  But whatever it is, they are obligated to be at their jobs at that time – period.  I enjoy the flexibility of controlling, at least somewhat, where and when I need to “be at my job.”  I can have appointments all weekend, wake up Monday morning with an open schedule, and decide on a whim to take a day trip to the shore.  I might be up at 4AM preparing a contract on my laptop in my home office.  But my afternoon that same day might be completely open.  Don’t get me wrong, I work hard while also keeping a close track of my time – a minimum of 40 hours/week every week of the year.  Even on vacation I’m often taking calls and sending emails.  But I have relative freedom with my work schedule… and I very much appreciate and enjoy that.                   

The author, Rick Sheppard, is a licensed real estate broker with RE/MAX Achievers, Inc in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and a 33+ year veteran of the real estate trenches. He knows a lot because he’s seen a lot. If you have any questions about this or any real estate related topic, feel free to contact Rick at [email protected] and he’ll do his best to answer your questions.

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