Cranberry Estates Homes For Sale

A Brief History of Cranberry Estates

Cranberry Estates is a planned community of single and townhome style homes located in the heart of the Perkiomen Valley – Perkiomen Township, Montgomery County, PA.  The mailing address for these homes is Collegeville and therefore uses the Collegeville zip code of 19426.  More information about Collegeville can be found here.

The developer – Crandel Corp – started plans for the Cranberry Estates community many years before final municipal approval and before groundbreaking began in the early 1990s.  I’m a life-long resident of the Perkiomen Valley and graduated from Perkiomen Valley High School in 1981 and I can remember ongoing rumors, talks and newspaper articles about the “big housing development planned behind the high school along Kagey Rd”.  The new high school itself, located along Rt 29 in Graterford, had just been built in 1975 and was clearly built with the anticipation that the sleepy and mostly rural Perkiomen Valley would soon see a major population growth.  A perspective: my graduation class of 1981 had 206 students.  The Perkiomen Valley class of 2020 had 444 students – a  115% increase in 39 years.

I was on the cross country and track teams in high school.  I think school let out around 2:25PM.  We’d hit the locker room, change into our running gear and head out for a 2 mile warm-up on the “Kagey Loop” – down past the football stadium, left on Wartman Rd, left on Kagey, left on Trappe Rd, left into the student parking lot, and back to the stadium for stretching exercises.  By about 3:10PM, we’d be ready to start our practice for the day.  And guess what?  On that Kagey Loop we’d see maybe 2 cars on Wartman, often no cars on Kagey, and maybe 3 or 4 cars on Trappe Rd.  Better chance of seeing a deer or a fox on Kagey Rd than a car.  But that was all BC – Before Cranberry Estates.  There are a few more cars on those roads now…

AC – After Cranberry Estates..

That area of Kagey Rd now has a new elementary school (Evergreen Elementary) and a new middle school (PV Middle School East).  These buildings, parking lots and playgrounds had been high school athletic fields, including the varsity and junior varsity baseball fields, and the 3.1 mile cross country course.

Perkiomen Valley graduation classes came and went throughout the 1980s and plans for Cranberry continued.  Groundbreaking for Phase 1 of single homes finally started in the late 1980s with the first residents moving in in the very early 1990s – almost 30 years ago.  Townhome phases followed just a few years later.

So here we are in 2021 and Cranberry Estates has come to be what its developers had no doubt hoped for – a thriving community of diverse home styles and prices sought after by folks interested in planting roots in the peaceful bedroom community that is the Perkiomen Valley.

The Cranberry Estates community is made up of 620 homes and is governed by the Cranberry Estates Homeowners Association (HOA), a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation that, according to their website, “maintains common areas while regulating and administering the by-laws and policies of the planned community for the benefit and enjoyment of all owners and occupiers of the community.”  Additionally, 111 of these 620 homes are townhomes that have a separate homeowners’ association in addition to the Cranberry Estates HOA.

Cranberry Estates offers affordable housing whether you are looking for a townhome or single family home. Assuming you’re here because you’re considering buying a home in Cranberry Estates, then you’ve probably done some research on the community, Collegeville, and the Perkiomen Valley School District.  Cranberry Estates is also a great community for the first-time home buyer.  In Cranberry Estates, there are a variety of home styles and prices – townhomes and single homes – 0,1, and 2 car garages, with basements and without.  And most have either 3 or 4 bedrooms. Something for everyone.

Where do the Children of Cranberry Estates go to School?

Public school children in Cranberry Estates attend the Perkiomen Valley School District.  Evergreen Elementary and Perkiomen Valley Middle School East are within walking distance and the Perkiomen Valley High School, along Gravel Pike (Rt 29), is not much farther.  The Perkiomen Township municipal building and park are also a short distance way.  With so many playgrounds, athletic fields and open spaces nearby, Cranberry Estates residents have loads of choices for weekend and warm weather enjoyment.  Below is a list of things to do in and around the community.

Today most home searches begin online.  An up-to-date list of homes is available above.  Once you find a home that meets your interests, you’ll want to see it in person – view the rooms, open closets, run the faucets, walk the grounds, look in the garage.  Take the home for a test drive, so to speak.  Before you do that, though, make sure that the financial aspect of your purchase is in order.  Are you a cash buyer? Are the necessary funds liquid and available for your use?  Will you be securing a mortgage? What lending institution will you be using and what are the terms of the loan?  And has the lender told you what you qualify to borrow – the amount of money needed for the purchase?  This is important, folks.  Best to have this homework done before you get in a car and go see a home and it’s absolutely critical to have this done before sitting down to write an offer to buy a home.

Once you have your finances figured out, it’s time to seek the help of a real estate agent, who will review the basics of a real estate transaction with you and will make the arrangements to take you through the property.  Here is a free home buyer’s guide which provides valuable information about what to expect when buying a house.  Cranberry Estates is part of an HOA (Home Owners Association) and therefore someone will need to contact the HOA and order a Resale Packet, as per Pennsylvania’s Planned Community Act.  Also, Cranberry Estates is located in Perkiomen Township, which has an ordinance requiring sellers of residential properties to order, pay for and secure a use and occupancy inspection and permit prior to selling their property.

Now you’re ready to make an offer on one of the Cranberry Estates homes for sale. Don’t wait to buy a home in Cranberry Estates. These homes do sell fast.  Collegeville homes hold their appreciation value.

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In summary, Cranberry Estates is a vibrant, bustling community filled with diverse people with diverse passions, hobbies, employment, and dreams.

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Lots of exciting things to do in the Cranberry Estates area...

You’ll find lot’s of exciting events in and around Collegeville throughout the year.  A list of events can be found here.

Perkiomen Bicycles – Rent or buy a bike and take a ride on the Perkiomen Trail along the Perkiomen Creek.

Spring Mountain  Schwenksville PA – Offers special rates on College Night every Friday, Family Night every Sunday, Student Night every Thursday.  Fourth Graders eligible for a free season pass.  Check the website for more details.

Bouncetown – Norristown PA

Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Oaks PA

Arnold’s Family Fun Center – Oaks PA

Green Lane Park Amphitheater schedule.

Sunday Classic Movies at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville.  Movies like Papillion, Planet of the Vampires, Alien, Smokey and The Bandit, West Side Story and many more.

The Perkiomen Trail covers 20 miles and meanders through some of our most picturesque destinations; the gurgling of the Perkiomen Creek is never out of earshot of runners, hikers, bikers or horseback riders.

The Collegeville Economic Development Corporation runs a full slate of events throughout the year, including the release of ducks (plastic) in a race down the Perkiomen Creek.

Evansburg State Park is an outdoor haven, where visitors can hike, camp and fish, thanks to the stocking of Skippack Creek with brown and rainbow trout

Discount Movie Tickets and Amusement Park tickets are available year round at the Upper Providence Township and Skippack Township buildings.



Restaurants in and around the Cranberry estates area...

You’ll find information on the local restaurants in Collegeville, Skippack, Schwenksville, Phoenixville, Harleysville and Hatfield.