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5 myths too many home sellers believe

Rick Sheppard

More than half of today’s home sellers are selling a home for the first time, according to Zillow’s Consum...

Tips to get rid of kitchen clutter

Rick Sheppard

The junk drawer. Love it or hate it, most of us have one and most of the time it’s in...

Should we renovate or remodel our home before selling?

Rick Sheppard

One of the most common questions we hear from our listing clients is whether or not they should renovate or...

4 brilliant tub/shower cleaning hacks

Rick Sheppard

The one thing we think most of us look forward to after a day out in the winter elements is...

Confused about how to price your home?

Rick Sheppard

We recently received an email from a former client. He’s considering selling his home and, like many home se...

Easy growing house plants

Rick Sheppard

After a few tries at indoor gardening, many people give up, assuming the thumb just isn’t green enough. The ...

5 Homebuyer traps and how to avoid them

Rick Sheppard

Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, your home purchase may be the biggest financial inves...

10 ways to transform your home

Rick Sheppard

Home improvement projects can not only be fun, but they add value to your home as well. Whether you’ve d...

Should I buy a new or existing home?

Rick Sheppard

That letter from the bank: You know the one — it says you’re approved to buy a home for a...


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