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Here’s why you should hire Rick Sheppard when selling a home:

Our goal is to provide home sellers in the Montgomery County and surrounding areas attention-grabbing and provocative online exposure that creates buyer interest, serious offers, and successful closings!  We’ve built a website platform that can be seen by online searches and is also shared freely among social media channels.

You can only sell your home to one buyer.  Hire Rick and he’ll find that buyer… the perfect buyer… the buyer who wants to buy your home at least as much as you want to sell it.  That’s how you’ll get the best terms for your home sale.  And how you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free real estate transaction and closing.   

Here’s why you should hire Rick Sheppard when buying a home:

Just let Rick know what you’re looking for – location, price range, type of home, property amenities – and he’ll get things moving quickly.  And when you visit a home for sale with Rick, he’ll help with answers to your questions and he’ll point out all the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It’s not just a sale to Rick.  It’s not even just a career.  Helping to coordinate real estate transactions is a passion… a pleasure… a lifetime commitment.  Rick wants you to buy the home of your dreams and he’ll work hard to help make that happen.

And if you’re still not convinced as to why you should hire Rick Sheppard, read on:    

Rick Sheppard is an Associate Broker and seasoned real estate veteran servicing buyers and sellers in Montgomery and Chester Counties.  He’s based in the area he grew up in and lives in – the Perkiomen Valley region of Montgomery County, PA.

In addition to handling real estate transactions for buyers and sellers, he’s a husband, father, son, brother, sports fan, numismatist, published blogger, real estate investor, landlord, property manager, and entrepreneur.  As a licensed realtor since 1988, Rick has closed hundreds of real estate transactions and has worked with thousands of sellersbuyers, landlords, tenants, real estate agents, title agents, mortgage reps, municipal authorities, home inspectors, and various other industry professionals.  

His belief is that the most important task for real estate agents today is to get the client – buyer and/or seller – successfully to and past the settlement table.  An essential part of his job begins after a sales contract has been signed by a buyer and a seller.  The home inspection, mortgage, appraisal, title, and municipal processes can be complex and can easily cause a sale to fall apart.  No one wants to find out 6 weeks into a transaction that the settlement scheduled for week 7 isn’t going to happen.  One of Rick’s mottos: “The best way to solve a problem is to prevent one in the first place”.  Accordingly, he manages his transactions closely, making sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed. 

Most importantly, Rick thinks outside the box for his clients!  Just ask them… when you read reviews and testimonial letters from Rick’s many clients, you’ll notice a common theme.  In short, Rick treats his transactions and his clients the way he likes to be treated – with care and respect – the Golden Rule.  He asks questions, listens closely to the answers, and focuses hard on handling the transaction in the best way to fit each client’s unique needs.  The Golden Rule philosophy is especially evident when Rick is negotiating on behalf of a client, a skill he is particularly good at.

Ever hear the expression, “Find something that you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life”?  Well, Rick comes pretty close to that with his 30+ year career in real estate and he sure appreciates it.  Says Rick, “I receive countless thank yous, smiles, warm handshakes and heartfelt reviews from my clients and colleagues.  How can I ask for any more than that?”

Rick works hard to serve his clients with excellence and hopes you see that throughout this website and in his monthly newsletter.  Feel free to sign up for our newsletter right here.  In the meantime, please come back often – where you’ll find valuable and up-to-date information on selling, buying or just maintaining your home on this website.  Thank you for visiting!

And if you have a real estate need, or if you just have a question or two, please reach out to Rick.  He’ll be happy to put his extensive real estate experience to work for you!